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  • Webinar: Cyber attacks on Ukrainian critical infrastructure including Newcastle AGM

This talk will give an account of some of the impact of cyber attacks as a component of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine.

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The Russian invasion of the Ukraine was bound to take place in part in cyberspace. While the use of Russian offensive security operations against the West has long been alleged, the rise of crowdsourced security efforts in the current war must be finalised with holistic digital forensics and attribution.

The Ukranian cybersecurity incident on December 23, 2015, is the first publicly documented successful cyberattack against a national power grid, affecting 225,000 consumers for six hours. However, a similar attack threatens not only businesses and residents, but also the European freedom and security, by targeting governmental agencies or when leveraged in the context of wider conflicts on a global scale. Inspired by the Ukrainian incident and the potential consequences, this use case deals with different cybersecurity scenarios.

About the speaker

Igor Kotsiuba IS Solutions Labs

Dr. Igor Kotsiuba has served for more than a decade in industry and academia and has completed numerous transnational projects with leading players in Cybersecurity and Industrial IoT. Dr. Kotsiuba is a counsellor in government and industry and founder at cybersecurity agency iSolutions and established a digital forensics lab in Ukraine to build capacity and restore the rule of law in cyberspace. Igor is an evangelist of an inclusive approach to delivering full-stack cybersecurity managed services from initial compromise assessments to digital forensics evidence verifications. He has been advising Ukrainian Businesses and Governmental Institutions on Cybersecurity issues

Igor is eminently qualified in the field of cybersecurity; he is a participant in EU Horizon Research and Innovation and Key Expert in Regional EU projects, Ph.D. in Information Technology and he is a member of IEEE. Igor regularly invited as keynote speaker, guest lecturer in European universities as well as a Program and Editorial Committees Member of reputable Cybersecurity Journals and conferences. In the year 2019 was elected to Management Committee of European Commission’s COST Action “Artificial intelligence for Digital Forensics”. Participates in OASIS OPENC2, Technical Committee on Cybersecurity of Energy Grids. For Ukrainian capacity in cybersecurity, was funded and managed cybersecurity domain of EU Projects ALIOT(Cybersecurity of IoT Protocols), SPEAR (Cybersecurity of Smart Energy Grids), RESPONSE(positive smart cities) launched and lead Digital Forensics Science Lab at PIMEE NAS of Ukraine under which delivers guest lectures and trainings in Norway, Germany, The Netherlands.

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Webinar: Cyber attacks on Ukrainian critical infrastructure including Newcastle AGM
Date and time
Tuesday 21 June, 6:00pm - 7:30pm
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