Aimed at individuals, students, red/blue teams, management alike, this talk covers the concept of "Phishing", including a practical demo.

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The Internet has become a vital part of our life with its influence seen in every corner, starting from businesses to our wellbeing. As a two sided sword there are people who are using internet for both good and bad.

In this talk we will be looking at Phishing, considered as one of the most common threats found on the internet. We will be mainly looking at:

  • What this attack is?
  • How bad it is?
  • How it is done!

Who this talk is aimed at:

  • Students/individuals interested in general cybersecurity topics
  • Red-Blue teams
  • Management looking for process improvement methodologies.

About the speaker

Kamal Paul

Kamal Paul is a cyber security engineer at Expleo group. As a security guy his work job primarily revolves around doing VAPT assessments. He is a post graduate from University of Wales in Information Management and also holds an engineering degree in Information Technology. Prior to joining Expleo, Kamal was working for Inspired Entertainment with focus on infrastructure security. His area of interest includes vulnerability assessment and red teaming.

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Webinar: Phish - Building a million dollar click - Leicester branch
Date and time
Thursday 9 June, 7:00pm - 8:30pm

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