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BCS Data Management specialist group.

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This webinar is the latest in our ‘in conversation with’ series allowing us to explore:

  • Key insights from Alison’s extensive career, including her early career working in the UK as the only woman systems analyst surrounded by male engineering and coding colleagues, and most recently her years working in Papua New Guinea influencing the development of their national data governance strategy;
  • Key approaches to data governance; and
  • How to ‘sell’ data governance to your organisation.

The framework for the discussion will include, but not be limited to:

  • How did you ‘get into’ governance as a career path?
  • Your early career and how you got to the point of influencing data governance at a national level.
  • What led you from your first book on IT Governance through to this latest book?
  • The need for your book and what it provides readers
  • Examples of situations where lack of governance was a contributing factor?
  • The overlap between IT and data governance?
  • Insights from your standards development work
  • Learning points from implementing data governance alongside other organisational governance activities – how to make a difference
  • Convincing people that technology alone is not the answer

This conversation will be of value to those wishing to gain practical insight on how to influence and develop data governance strategy for organisation(s) at a local or national level.

There will be opportunity for attendees to submit their own questions for Alison.

About the speaker

Alison Holt is an international expert in the governance of data and information. She has wide experience gained from many roles: director, general manager, research fellow, principal consultant and virtual CIO for multiple organisations.

Most recently she has as operated in advisory and governance roles for the Chief Justice of Papua New Guinea, utilising her performance enhancement skills along with her wide-ranging business expertise. Alison edited the recent BCS Book ‘Data Governance: Governing data for sustainable business’. Her first book ‘Governance of IT’ was published in 2013.

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This event is brought to you by: BCS Data Management specialist group

Webinar: Data Governance in action – In conversation with Alison Holt
Date and time
Wednesday 23 March, 7:00pm - 8:00pm
This event is sold out