What does this mean and how does it help, challenge and provide opportunities for IT Leaders?

How the encouragement, fostering and positive development of an entrepreneurial mindset, understanding, talents and appropriate skills in business in general, and amongst IT leaders in particular, can positively impact UK PLC. IT professionals can lead the way in seizing the opportunities to innovate, to exploit the growth potential of UK businesses, and foster UK skilled job creation rather than exporting employment to offshore companies.


  • Shakeeb Niazi, BCS IT Leaders Forum (ITLF) and BCS Entrepreneurs CITP FBCS FIoEE FIET
  • Stephen Castell CITP CPhys FIMA MEWI MIoD
  • Colin German B.Sc. MBA (eBusiness) FBCS
  • Atul Rathore FBCS IntPE EurIng CEng CITP MS MTech BTech
  • Bayo Ajayi


4.00pm - Start

  • Welcome (Jonathan Leeson - ITLF)
  • Today's Agenda (Shakeeb Niazi - ITLF)
  • Why is IT Leaderpreneurship an important topic and issue?
    Roundtable participants discussing
    • Shakeeb Niazi
    • Colin German
    • Atul Rathore
    • Bayo Ajayi
  • Moderated Q&A session (Stephen Castell)

6:00pm - Finish


Leaderpreneurship. Why is this such an important topic for IT Leaders and leaders in general?

IT, and IT staff, always seem to be considered as a cost and IT professionals are usually invited to participate in business strategy and development far too late to provide valuable insights on how the technology element is not only delivered, but can positively drive innovation, vision and achieve and enhance future value-added business growth and profitability.

This event will discuss and define what Leaderpreneurship is from a BCS member perspective and how it could potentially impact the future of the IT Leaders role.

Some important questions to consider:

  • How can IT Leaders influence board decisions and be part of the Board-Level Strategy so aligning and embracing the technology at the outset.
  • How should IT Leaders support younger professionals to innovate and think more entrepreneurially?
  • What are the processes through which IT Leaders can best create an innovative solution for their employers and then spin out, supported by venture capital?
  • How do we start to fashion the Leaderpreneurship journey for BCS members?

About the speakers


Shakeeb NiaziAn experienced business leader, Shakeeb has over 38 years of delivering business transformation within emerging digital technologies, whilst employing a rigorous business process. This pathway has positioned Shakeeb’s passion for technology and innovation. Which is only equalled by his desire to make a difference in the world and has fuelled the founding of S.E.E.D, The Society for Entrepreneurial Education & Development, a registered charity. 

Shakeeb is deeply passionate about narrowing the gap between the privileged and the disadvantaged through the provision of technology, digital, business, and by offering a pathway into employment, via mentoring, traineeship, and employability skills. His work supports those with ambition and vision to build a career and a business that not only provides success in real terms but is rooted in a “Pay it Forward” culture.   

His corporate achievements include leading technology innovation and improvement programmes, one of which saved his client more than £10m. Shakeeb’s extensive knowledge of ‘Big data’ has enabled him to drive innovation and enhanced insight into understanding data, which is extremely relevant today.   

Shakeeb is a valuable Mentor and Judge for IET, BCS, MassChallenge, FFWDLondon, along with mentoring at Kingston, London Met, and Greenwich Universities. Additionally, he is a Prince’s Trust Business Mentor, STEM Ambassador, Tech London Advocate, and he has recently been appointed as an Ambassador to the Digital Poverty Alliance. 

He holds 3 fellowships with: FBCS - BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, FIET - The Institute of Engineering and technology, and FIoEE - The Institute for Enterprise & Entrepreneurship. 

Stephen CastellDr Stephen Castell CITP CPhys FIMA MEWI MIoD

Dr Stephen Castell, consultant, Fintech visionary. Computer software & systems Expert Witness, has acted in many disputes and litigation, including the largest cases in the High Court, and in USA blockchain & cryptocurrency actions. Widely published, with a reputation also in building multimillion pound communications, broadcasting, and information services businesses. Pioneered the UK’s OTC Share Market, assessing several hundred high-tech companies for flotation. Honoured with an interview for Archives of IT.

Colin GermanColin German B.Sc. MBA (eBusiness) FBCS

Following a 17 year career in the technology sector as a business analyst, systems consultant and eventually business leader, Colin moved into IT mergers and acquisitions specifically in the area of identifying acquisition targets, targeting them and eventually managing the takeover and integration of companies by mentoring and supporting the MDs and CEOs of the companies in question.

This stint led Colin to be the CEO of a group of professional services companies including, amongst others, a technology company, and eventually in 2020, just before COVID struck, Colin co-founded CMG Consulta, a consulting firm focused on working with the C-level or owners of small to medium sized companies and helping them set strategy, look ahead, restructure, reinvent themselves and grow.

Atul RathoreAtul Rathore FBCS IntPE EurIng CEng CITP MS MTech BTech

Atul is principal cloud data strategist, responsible for connecting business strategy and data strategy, cloud data architecture, data management, cloud Finops, data governance and advance analytics architecture for the blue-chip clients. He is key member of the architectural centre of excellence for higher level of specialisation and community of practice to align data platform knowledge and experience globally. He has been involved in 5 startups.

Bayo Ajayi

To be confirmed

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Webinar: IT Leaderpreneurs
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