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The National Heritage List for England (NHLE) contains details of over 400,000 listed buildings, scheduled monuments and other national heritage protection designations.

It is published by Historic England (on behalf of the UK Government Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport) and is the most used resource on Historic England’s website, behind this is a complex database and GIS that is being updated every working day.

Martin is responsible for the information published on the NHLE and manages the team responsible for curating the underlying data. This presentation will look at issues with interest outside the heritage sector including the problems encountered in moving from a paper-based system to digital, data migration, data cleaning, regulatory compliance, third party copyrighted material in database records, database rights and licensing.

About the speaker

Martin Newman

Martin Newman started his career as an archaeologist before becoming a manager on the project to digitise England’s listed building archives.

He is a Member of the BCS and the DMSG as well as a chartered member of CILIP where he is actively involved in their Government Information Group. He is also a member of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists and an elected Fellow of both the Society of Antiquaries and the Royal Society of Arts.

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Webinar: Managing data on England’s protected heritage
Date and time
Tuesday 8 November, 12:30pm - 1:30pm

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