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Adam Jollans, FBCS


19:00 - start
20:30 - end


Quantum Computing is a radically different approach to computing, which promises to be able to solve problems which classical computing cannot address.

Adam Jollans is a program director with IBM, working on marketing leading edge technologies from Linux to hybrid cloud.

In this talk, he will introduce quantum computing and explain why it is so important, and then discuss the fundamental concepts of quantum computing including superposition and entanglement.

He’ll then explore a variety of use cases and discuss what "quantum advantage” means.

Finally, he will show how anyone can access a quantum computer over the internet using the IBM Quantum Experience, and show a live demo of building and running quantum algorithms

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Webinar: Quantum Computing - is this the future of IT?
Date and time
Thursday 29 September, 7:00pm - 8:30pm