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  • Webinar: Closing the digital divide: Fighting loneliness and digital equity

This webinar explores how to help those who are lonely, understand the need for digital equity, and how technology can help.

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Being digital is no longer just an advantage in life, it is a matter of subsistence. Yet why are people not going online, such as those who are lonely? This talk aims to provide an understanding of people who are lonely who are at risk of becoming even more excluded. Technology can help to provide support for basic human needs such as communicating with others. However not everyone has access to digital or is able to do so. What do we do for them? Also, it will discuss the topic of digital equity – why despite being a digital world there will be others who would not be able to be join in. Technology can play a role to give people a choice and re-establish themselves as part of society. It has a huge mitigating impact for those who are lonely.

In this webinar, it will cover:

  • How to support those who are lonely
  • Share personal experience of why digital does not work
  • What digital equity is, and the need still for non digital services
  • How technology can help loneliness and combat Digital Poverty
  • What you can you do to help

About the speaker

Tim Leech

Tim Leech is the CEO of Wavelength Charity Ltd, a charity which combats loneliness among vulnerable and isolated people, through technology. He initiated the first ever research into the impact of technology in helping to manage and mitigate loneliness, improving health outcomes, happiness and benefiting social and economic factors. He has headed up Wavelength since 2006 and overseen its work in challenging the root causes of loneliness and isolation. Tim is an experienced CEO with a proven track record of working in the civic and social enterprise industry. He is also the founder and chair of the Digital Equality Group (DEG), which helps Government, regulatory bodies, manufacturers, data providers, broadcasters, and stakeholders to make sure that all services, communications, and technologies are provided on an equal and accessible basis.

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Webinar: Closing the digital divide: Fighting loneliness and digital equity
Date and time
Thursday 13 April, 5:00pm - 6:00pm

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