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The past few years have highlighted the IT difficulties that many people face both Worldwide and within the UK.

These difficulties are not limited to individual people: charities and other voluntary organisations can also suffer from a lack of skills and resources in areas where BCS members and other IT-skilled people can help.

There is an enormous amount of volunteering going on and plenty of desire to do even more.

One way we can be an effective force for good is by applying our technical skills to provide invaluable support where it’s needed!

Discussion with Dave Donaghy and Michael Warman:

  • Volunteering opportunities in our region
  • Including examples of ‘Make IT Good for Society’ by using our own sets of professional skills.
  • How organisations, like Reach Volunteering, can help to coordinate these efforts.
  • How BCS branches can step into all local resources to allow people to give their time and skills in a way that maximises the benefits to society overall.

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Webinar: Skills-based Volunteering in IT - Bristol and Bath branch
Date and time
Wednesday 30 August, 5:30pm - 6:30pm

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