Firstly, an investigation of the problems associated with big data volumes, followed by examining loopholes in site physical security.


  • Richard Stevens CITP CEng MBCS
  • Thomas O'Donnell, Penetration Testing Consultant


6:00pm - Refreshments and networking
6:30pm - Presentation - Richard Stevens CITP CEng MBCS
7:15pm - Q&A
7:30pm - Presentation - Thomas O'Donnell - Penetration Testing Consultant
8:15pm - Q&A
9:00pm - Close


Exploring the rapidly evolving world of big data, the first presentation aims to explain what big data is, why it's increasingly important for businesses and individuals, and how the technology underpinning it is advancing. The talk will also delve into the challenges accompanying the growth of big data, offering an overview of this complex and dynamic industry.

With rightly, ever-growing emphasis on cyber security, physical security is often overlooked. The second presentation explains how physical penetration testing (gaining physical access to premises) works. It looks at tools and tactics and helps understand the careful, legal and ethical way testing is done to improve physical security.

About the speakers

Richard Stevens

Richard is the principal software engineer at Xiatech Limited. With this focus on software engineering, Richards's expertise has evolved to concentrate on big data and its far-reaching implications for both businesses and individuals. Over the last decade, he has designed and delivered big data projects at the petabyte scale and beyond, as well as large machine learning and distributed compute initiatives. Keeping up with the latest industry trends is not just a requirement of his role but is a commitment to staying adept in an ever-changing industry. Richard holds Chartered Engineer and Chartered IT Professional status with the BCS and an additional membership with INCOSE. These professional ties are not just markers of qualification but are also a driver to uphold high standards in this dynamic industry.

Thomas O'Donnell

Tom O'Donnell is a penetration tester, from Aristi Limited in Birmingham. He has a knack for physical security. His expertise is not just about finding loopholes in digital defences; but on exposing the physical chinks in the armour too.

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From Bytes to Insights and Physical Data Security
Date and time
Thursday 7 December, 6:00pm - 9:00pm
The Hive
Sawmill Close, The Butts
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