...to NOT getting caught with your PANTS DOWN during a Cyber Attack.

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Even those that have been hiding under a rock know that cyber-attacks are almost as certain as taxes. To make matters worse, attackers are getting more creative, sophisticated and better at compromising the most secure organisations.

The only real ‘secret’ to ensure your organisation survives and thrives is to ensure that you are not only able to protect the business but able to detect, respond to and recover from devastating cyber-attacks.

Join our webinar, "The Ultimate Guide to NOT getting caught with your PANTSDOWN during a Cyber Attack,"
where globally recognised CISO, Amar Singh, will share his insights and actions you can take to:

  1. Increase your resistance to attacks and
  2. to improve and optimise your IR plans to ensure you can respond and recover from the attacks that do sneak in.

About the speaker

Amar Singh reads, writes and speaks four languages and has two dogs (no cats, sorry). Amar has deep experience in technical cybersecurity topics and has been a CISO engaging CEO, CFOs and board executives. He has extensive expertise in helping organisations of all sizes become more resilient to cyber attack.
With a deep understanding of all aspects of cybersecurity, organisational politics and culture challenges, GRC and people, Amar is passionate about empowering businesses to adopt a proactive approach to cybersecurity and cyber resilience.

In this no-nonsense, high-intensity and fast paced 75 minute, interactive webinar, Amar will dive straight into these key areas

  • What is Cyber Resilience and Why it matters today more than ever.
  • What ‘pants down’ means and how to avoid such embarrassing metaphorical moments in your organisation.
  • Review a real fit-for-purpose Incident Response Plan
  • Review a real fit-for-purpose IR playbook
  • Why you must shift your focus away from SIEM - yes, he will justify why it's better to switch off your SIEM! (controversial)
  • Explain how and why Risk management is critical to increasing cyber resilience
  • Share some real war stories and case studies.

Finally, Amar mentioned he will be giving loads of high quality check-lists and other collateral, so be ready to click and download some amazing collateral.

Please note: Amar has mentioned that he will NOT waste time on boring topics like ‘What’s the current status of cybersecurity threats’ or ‘What is phishing’ etc.

Target audience:

  • Business owners, executives, and managers
  • IT professionals and cybersecurity teams
  • Individuals responsible for data security and privacy

Our events are for adults aged 16 years and over.

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Webinar: The Ultimate Guide...
Date and time
Wednesday 13 December, 4:00pm - 5:00pm

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