In this discussion Harry and Ross will be going through the areas to look out for, common trends, risks and the future of cyber security.

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The world of cyber security has changed vastly over the years and is constantly evolving due to real life events occurring all around us. Staying on top of “what’s best” for a business can be challenging, and the Managed Service Provider has a duty of care to ensure they are suggesting and recommending the right tools for their clients.

In this discussion Harry and Ross will be going through the areas to look out for, common trends, risks and the future of cyber security. They will also discuss how to mitigate the risk with different techniques.

Cyber threats aren’t going anywhere, they are getting more advanced and harder to protect against, so we all need to ensure we are taking the right steps to shield ourselves.

About the speakers

Ross Stern

Ross is the Head of Sales & Account Management at Chalkline, he has worked in the IT industry for 10 years and in that time has supported a range of high-profile clients as well as assisting several Cloud partners in their growth. Ross started out his career by completing a Technical Sales Apprenticeship to expand his knowledge of the industry which he would then utilise and develop in a sales environment, ensuring his clients received the very best service.

Over the past 10 years Ross has, and continues, to consistently spend time developing his knowledge and skills by keeping up to date on current and emerging trends and topics within the industry. He has a particular interest in Cyber Security which is at the forefront of everything that Ross does and is often the main talking point for clients.

Harry Boyne

Harry is the Technical Director and one of three co-founders at Chalkline. Harry's career and entrepreneurialism within the IT sector began at a young age and in 2016 at just 20 years old he co-founded Chalkline.

Harry is heavily involved with R&D at Chalkline, and a few of his specific interests include providing end-to-end solutions for clients, as well as researching and implementing automation processes - he strongly believes in a 'work smarter, not harder' future.

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Webinar: Cyber Security – Where is it heading?
Date and time
Wednesday 1 February, 4:00pm - 5:00pm

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