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Life demonstrations on the effect of the rider’s aids and decision in various situations, including high level dressage, show jumping and XC.

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Amy Robbins, a British Horse Society Accredited Coach, of Sparsholt College, Winchester, would like to show you a virtual tour and demonstration of our mechanical horse, Charisma, the most advanced Equestrian Simulator.

The force plates, tension monitors and sensors all over his body measure the riders centre of gravity, strength and balance giving us live data that we can use for clients. Along with the university centres 3D cameras and high-tech equipment, we are able to show riders simulations of themselves and use it for research.

Charisma can do it all, from true-to-life Grand Prix dressage movements, such as Piaffe and Passage, to jumping grid work or negotiating technical combinations on the cross-country course. Thanks to its state-of-the-art, motion control technology it can replicate jumps of up to 1.20m high and moves in a way no other simulator can.

About the speaker

Amy Robbins

Amy Robbins is the Learning and Standards Lead, Senior riding coach and holds a Masters in Equine Performance, working with riders and clients using this excellent piece of kit on a regular basis. Alongside working for the college, Amy is the Chairlady of New Forest Riding Club and Assistant District Commissioner of Hursley Pony Club, keeping within the industry and providing the next generation of equestrians with knowledge and understanding. Having competed all of her life, Amy now produces and breeds New Forest ponies, and this year gained a national title for her riding club.

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Webinar: Mechanical Horse Simulator for Competitive Horse Riding - AGD SG
Date and time
Monday 13 February, 7:30pm - 8:30pm

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