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As organisations start to invest larger and larger parts of their budgets towards “security”, the number of breaches and their cost continues to increase regardless. In this talk we look at how practices not usually categorised as “security” actually have greater and more sustainable impacts on improving organisations' inherent resilience, while offering significant additional IT and business benefits.

About the speaker

Greg van der Gaast

Greg van der Gaast is an international speaker, author, and consultant on bringing care, initiative, and accountability to the Information Security profession in order to break out of today's costly and often ineffective reactive status quo.

He is an expert at building Information Security organisations that not only perform better at protecting the business, but offer other benefits such as increased IT quality, new business capabilities, and even additional revenue.

His security and business experience spans early 25 years, from covert operations with the FBI and DoD to creating security programmes and organisations for Fortune 500 companies.

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Webinar: Why IT quality trumps status quo security
Date and time
Wednesday 8 February, 7:00pm - 8:00pm

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