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Fostering the definition, understanding and practice of quality management in the software engineering, IT, & Project Management professions.

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BCS ITQM Cohort Overview (PDF)
BCS ITQM Cohort 1 Schedule (PDF)
ITQM Training Scholarship Application (DOCX)


The webinar will announce a generous full scholarship offered from the Quality Management Institute for the QSG members (must also be BCS members). It will provide a course overview and schedule for registration information. This webinar is for software and systems engineers, project managers, quality engineers/managers and anyone else wishing to improve quality in their products, processes, & organisation.

Fostering a quality mind-set can be achieved by the establishment of quality management as a cornerstone of professional development that adds value to the software engineering profession, and IT in general, through the following initiatives:

  • Developing and elaborating software engineering as a leadership discipline with quality management as a foundational competency,
  • Enabling software engineers to develop and expand the skills to manage process quality and increase profitability,
  • Considering the organisation as a system, fully integrating the process, the person and the job description, and
  • Raising the level of professionalism, corporate and technical influence, job satisfaction and the career path trajectory.

This webinar aims to address quality management as a leadership and management discipline, as applied within software engineering specifically, and IT generally. This follows the approach to quality management described in the works of Deming, Crosby and Juran, but limits the application to the IT and software engineering disciplines.

As such, quality management is distinct from other aspects of quality such as quality assurance, quality control and acceptable quality levels. Quality management is also distinct from the software engineering disciplines of verification and validation of systems.

Dr Kennedy will also address the connections of quality management to other areas of IT/software engineering, notably systems thinking and organisational leadership.

About the speaker

Dr Larry Kennedy

Dr Kennedy has provided consulting services to businesses and nonprofit organisations since 1985. His clients have included criminal justice, educational, health care, and government leaders. His inter­disciplinary background in engineering and business, together with his practical experiences as a nonprofit trustee and foundation executive have uniquely prepared him to evaluate and train managers.

With over thirty years of Quality Management experience in aerospace, business, and as a management consultant and trainer, he has a broad perspective on management reform processes and the development of public and private collaborations. He was also mentored by Phillip Crosby, the world-renowned Quality Management executive, who partnered with him in reaching out to the nonprofit world. As Founder and CEO of the Quality Management Institute (QMI) he has created online individual and cohort learning with Professional Certifications in Systems Engineering, Clinical Research, Information Technologies, and Business and Nonprofit Leadership along with enterprise-level Quality Accelerator Programs. QMI’s “Eight Attributes” have been adopted as “both a standard for performance and a standard for training that creates a positive quality management work culture” by the Site Accreditation and Standards Institute’s global standard for the Accreditation of Clinical Research Sites. Dr Kennedy and the Eight Attributes have also been referenced in the International Council of Systems Engineering (INCOSE) Official Handbook sections for Quality Management

Larry held systems engineering positions in Apollo Spacecraft Operations and Flight Crew Training where he first practiced Quality Management disciplines. This scientific background honed his practical expertise in systems analysis. His later experiences as a manager and business owner broadened his understanding of process management principles. He also gained national recognition for his sales and marketing expertise. As a human services developer, he has organised and directed the certification of residential and outpatient substance abuse services, mental health services, and inmate work release and aftercare programs using J.C.A.H.O. and C.A.R.F. criteria. He has trained nonprofit staff and volunteers for projects with as many as 20,000 participants. He was the lead consultant to the National Institute of Corrections (NIC) to coordinate and write the Management Reform Plan for the Washington, D.C. Department of Corrections, under mandate from the U.S. Congress. He also represented the NIC in the implementation of the reform plan which included extensive leadership training.

He has served as the Chair, Co-Chair, or lead facilitator of numerous national and international colloquiums on management reform, leadership, and philanthropy including the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington, D.C.; Council on Foundations, Washington D.C.; National Cathedral, Washington, D.C.; St. Petersburg State University School of Medicine, St. Petersburg, Russia; and the World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland. As a foundation executive and consultant, he has performed numerous on-site program evaluations and has developed innovative approaches to grant making and technical assistance for recipients in a broad range of social issues. He has also managed and given oversight to humanitarian projects on a local, national, and international scale.

Dr. Kennedy has lectured extensively in business, educational, government, and humanitarian venues on the integration of effective management principles into business and human services processes. His books, Keeping the Promise: A Work Ethic for Doing Things Right and Quality Management in the Nonprofit World have been widely referenced by business, nonprofit and academic leaders.

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Webinar: Quality Management Training Scholarship by the Quality Management Institute
Date and time
Friday 7 July, 7:00pm - 8:30pm

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