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  • Webinar: Artificial intelligence for operations and software engineering

This talk delves into AI's current utilisation in operations and software engineering.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a disruptive and transformative force within the domains of operations and software engineering, fundamentally reshaping traditional business practices and revolutionising the landscape of software system development and maintenance. In the realm of operations, AI has proven invaluable in automating anomaly detection, establishing causation, and facilitating efficient remediation strategies. Meanwhile, within software engineering, AI assumes a pivotal role throughout the entire software development life cycle, from identifying anti-patterns and hotspots to generating source code.

Nonetheless, adopting AI in operations and software engineering presents formidable challenges. Ethical considerations associated with AI, including algorithmic biases and privacy concerns, demand meticulous attention and thoughtful deliberation. Additionally, the critical necessity for skilled professionals capable of comprehending and harnessing the immense power of AI cannot be overstated. Organisations must diligently invest in continuous learning and development programs to empower their workforce with the requisite proficiencies to exploit AI's potential effectively.

This talk delves into AI's current utilisation in operations and software engineering. We aim to elucidate its existing applications and shed light on the transformative impact it imparts within these dynamic fields.

About the speaker

Manpreet Singh

Manpreet Singh has an extensive professional background of over two decades, specialising in software systems and artificial intelligence. He obtained a master's degree in software engineering, further enhancing his expertise in the field.

Throughout his career, Manpreet has held prominent positions within renowned organisations such as Salesforce R&D, Amazon, Vanenburg R&D, Pegasystems, Tesco Retail, and Oracle, where he has contributed to enterprise software, eCommerce, and artificial intelligence domains.

His profound knowledge and experience have resulted in the publication of numerous books, papers, and patents pertaining to the realm of AI. With a fervent dedication to assisting aspiring professionals in realising their full potential, Manpreet is deeply committed to empowering students to thrive in the swiftly evolving contemporary landscape.

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Webinar: Artificial intelligence for operations and software engineering
Date and time
Wednesday 28 June, 4:00pm - 5:00pm

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