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Join the branch as we look at mental health and the effects of social media.

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Mental health is affected by many different things; is social media one of them? In this talk, Luisa will discuss the extent to which existing research can (and cannot) inform us about the effect of social media use on adolescents' mental health. Specifically, Luisa will cover how researchers 1) measure social media use, 2) conceptualise mental health and 3) establish cause and effect when studying the relationship between social media use and mental health. Lastly, Luisa will address the way different patterns of social media use (e.g., scrolling through posts, messaging with friends, posting) might be related to different mental health states (e.g., wellbeing and life satisfaction) and conditions (e.g., depression, anxiety).

About the speaker

Luisa Fassi

Luisa FassiLuisa is a MRC-DTP PhD researcher at the University of Cambridge, where Luisa works across the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit and the Department of Psychiatry. Luisa's background is in Neuroscience and molecular Psychiatry. Luisa's current research focuses on mapping the relationship between social media use and youth’s mental health. Specifically, Luisa analyses data from large-scale national surveys to examine the link between social media use and mental health in adolescents affected by different clinical conditions. Overall, Luisa aims to map the complex interplay between digital technologies and youth’s mental health to inform clinical research, practice, education, and policy.

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Webinar: Mental Health and the effects of Social Media - Oxfordshire branch
Date and time
Thursday 16 March, 7:30pm - 9:00pm

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