This year’s school is on the highly relevant and topical subject of Responsible Project Management, Thursday evenings in March.

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IBM has a long and bold history of environmental programmes, spanning more than 50 years. In this session, Dr Petrena Prince will provide examples of some of these programmes and focus on ones IBM has done with clients around Responsible Project Management. Studying previous case studies is often an excellent way of preventing sometimes potentially costly mistakes in future projects and Petrena will provide insights into what worked really well and what didn’t work so well in her RPM examples. In doing so, Petrena will explore areas very relevant to project managers tackling RPM - including the approach to governance, obtaining stakeholder buy-in, dealing with key risks and issues and achieving targeted benefits.

About the speaker

Petrena PrinceDr Petrena Prince

Dr Petrena Prince has over 20 years of experience as a Consultant and Program Manager, helping our clients and IBM transform through digital transformation, and sustainability. Over the last few years, Petrena helped establish the industry Responsible Computing consortium, of which IBM is a founding member. Petrena subsequential became the IBM Global Offering Leader for Responsible Computing for IBM Sustainability Services before her most recent move, where she is now the Global Sustainability Program Manager for IBM Global Real Estate. Prior to IBM Petrena achieved her PhD from the Scottish Office Fisheries Research Laboratory and the West of Scotland University for her work on the Biogeochemistry of PBCs in estuarine systems and her graduate degree from the University of Edinburgh in Environmental Chemistry.

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Webinar: RPM and Project Case Studies - Spring School (Wk 2)
Date and time
Thursday 16 March, 6:30pm - 8:00pm

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