A panel of experts will present brief introduction and answer audience questions on bias in data and its implications for the use of AI.

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Although it is accepted that most large data sets contain biased date, there are many implications for the use of AI on large data. In an attempt to explore some of these implications, panel of experts will present brief introduction and answer audience question on bias in data and its implications for the use of AI.

About the speakers

Dr Julie Weeds is a senior lecturer in Data Science at the University of Sussex with considerable experience in both Computer Science and the humanities. Her current research interests include the application of natural language processing and machine learning techniques to large datasets to discover meaningful insights.

Meg Tennies is a former University of Sussex. Her dissertation (Towards Fair and Ethical AI: A Critical Analysis Into the Use of Automated Decision-making Tools Designed for Criminal Justice) won an award from the BCS for being one of the top Computer Science projects. Her project investigated racial bias, and employed different approaches of bias detection and mitigation to the predictions made by the software. With a technical background in Algorithmic Bias and AI Ethics, Meg advocates for the fair use of AI and decision-making software to decrease the negative impacts on already marginalised groups.

Dr Blay Whitby is a Philosopher and technology ethicist specializing in the ethics of AI and robotics. He has served on many ethics committees including for Sussex University and for BCS. He is also an ethics expert for the European Commission and a member of the Advisory Board for the All Party Parliamentary Group on AI.

Professor Martin White is a visiting professor at the information school at the University of Sheffield. He is a long-standing expert on information management and retrieval. His current research interests include finding solutions for complex information retrieval problems including enterprise search and web search.

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Hybrid event: BCS Sussex - Panel discussion on bias in AI
Date and time
Wednesday 10 May, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
University of Sussex
Chichester Lecture Theatre, Sussex House
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