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Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is the address book of the Internet, providing a network by network set of directions on how to get to any IP address.

However, BGP can be disrupted by malicious actors who advertise invalid routes, thereby disrupting traffic and re-directing traffic around the Internet for the benefit of the hackers.

This presentation will explain how BGP works and how it can be ‘hi-jacked’ for various purposes (including real-world examples). The presentation will also show a software model to visually illustrate how BGP hijacking propagates through the Internet, and how the disruption can be accelerated by utilising Botnets.

About the speaker

Simon Clayton-Mitchell is a Management Consultant who has worked in Europe, Japan, HK and the Middle East. Following a career as a Telecom consultant in Infrastructure projects he studied for an MSc in Cyber Security at City, University of London. His thesis investigated BGP high jacking facilitated by Botnets and the impact on Critical Communications Infrastructure.

Simon has an MBA from London Business School and an MSc in Finance and Economic Policy from SOAS, University of London.

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Webinar: Cyber - Critical Network Infrastructure Attacks
Date and time
Monday 15 May, 6:30pm - 7:15pm

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