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  • Webinar: Advancing the NHS: the role of digital ethics in delivering effective care

A presentation on digital ethics applied within the NHS.


Dr Farah Elahi


6:25pm - Guests let in
6:30pm - Webinar and Q&A
7:00pm - Close


This presentation will introduce what digital ethics is and how it can be utilised in building and running an ethical, safe, and secure digital presence in the NHS, leading to effective transformation, and delivery. Several case studies will also be presented, to highlight the positive impact of using a digital ethics strategy.

About the speaker

Dr Farah Elahi

As one of the only dedicated digital ethicists in the NHS, Farah and colleagues are responsible for ensuring that the digital programmes and infrastructure at SABP are meeting the highest of assurance and ethical standards. Farah’s expertise is in research and programme management, having completed a PhD in Digital Health and worked in various Universities, the NHS, and non-profit organisations.

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Webinar: Advancing the NHS: the role of digital ethics in delivering effective care
Date and time
Tuesday 21 November, 6:30pm - 7:00pm

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