The link between the GenAI revolution and the Metaverse evolution, preceded by the AGM of BCS Animation and Games Specialist Group.

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Generative AI has swept through business and society the past year. From Chat-GPT generating words to DALL-E and Midjourney generating images. It became the buzzword quickly replacing Metaverse. However, there is a powerful link between the need for content in the Metaverse and the power of GenAI, but this doesn’t stop at 3D objects.

What more can we expect from these two impactful developments? In this presentation we will look at the current developments and future potential for GenAI and Metaverse as science fiction becomes science fact.

About the speaker

Ian HughesIan Hughes a.k.a epredator when online is Chair of the BCS Animation and Games Development Specialist Group. He has been a gamer since 1970’s and this inspired him into a career as a software engineer, there is more on that in the BCS article Memoirs of bedroom coder. During a 20 year career at IBM, he worked on some of the earliest websites and stores in the late 90’s, including the Wimbledon tennis website for a decade.

In 2006 he helped inspire colleagues and many companies into virtual worlds such as Second Life, starting with the Wimbledon Championship in 2006, officially becoming a metaverse evangelist, investigating and experiencing new and interesting ways to communicate online, many of which are having a resurgence now.

The use of game technology continued when he set up Feeding Edge Ltd in 2009 building virtual training hospitals for major incidents and other educational applications. He presented his own slot as resident super geek on ITV’s Saturday morning kids TV show The Cool Stuff Collective which ran for 39 episodes in 3 series 2010/11. After many other public speaking and writing roles, he wrote and published two sci-fi novels detailing the adventures of a techie gamer, Roisin, who accidentally comes across a way to manipulate the physical world, as we do with the virtual.

Reconfigure and the follow up Cont3xt have AR, VR, IoT and Quantum computing as a backdrop for adventure and lots of unusual situations. He was amazed and delighted to be presented with an Honorary Doctor of Technology award from Southampton Solent University in 2018. For the past 8 years he has worked as an industry analyst covering industrial IoT, AR, VR, Autonomous Robots, Metaverse and Games technology at 451 Research part of S&P Global Market Intelligence. He remains a keen gamer and observer of trends across all platforms and genres.

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Webinar: Generative AI and Metaverse what a powerful combination!
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Wednesday 1 November, 6:00pm - 8:00pm

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