Recent changes to UK data protection law - new UK digital markets, competition and consumer regulation.

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Two bills are expected to be introduced by Spring 2023 and become enforceable by Autumn 2023. These will require enterprise IT, security, and marketing teams to put in place entirely new controls, embrace interoperability and portability of datasets, offer greater transparency and enable end-users to exercise consumer rights for digital products and services more easily.

The UK's regulation of the digital sphere is expected to have its greatest impact on data protection and consumer protection, that is on the rights that individuals have as to their own personal data and as to the fairness of the services they receive online. As well as protecting end-users, the new UK legal regime is inspired by a risk-based philosophy, designed to foster competition and innovation in digital markets, and by a belief that digital markets should remain open, fair and contestable: new start-ups must be afforded the opportunity to disrupt even the larger incumbents.

About the speaker

Chiara Rustici

Chiara Rustici is an independent legal scholar affiliated with the Department of Information Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications (DIET) of La Sapienza University, in Rome. As a legal analyst and IT law expert, her current focus is on the new London-Brussels-Washington digital regulation drive. She serves on the Board of The Journal of Data Protection and Privacy and of Frontiers in Blockchain, Smart Contracts section. She served as Chair of the Law Specialist Group of the BCS in 2019-2020, was ranked among the top 20 GDPR experts by the GDPR institute, a Swiss membership body for professional data protection practitioners, and is a guest lecturer for an IT ethics and law module to Computer Studies undergraduates at City, The University of London. She is a sought after "zero-PowerPoint" conference speaker, podcast guest and news commentator and is widely quoted on both sides of the Atlantic. She writes regularly for both academic and trade publications and runs her consultancy and research activities between London and Rome.

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Webinar: Recent changes to UK data protection law (AGM) - IRMA SG
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Tuesday 14 November, 6:00pm - 8:00pm

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