In the current world of rapid changing technology and adaption of Generative AI - BCS London West.

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In the current world of rapid changing technology and adaption of Generative AI, Nick will cover in his talk:

  • An Explanation Of Generative AI
  • The Criminal Opportunities Of Generative AI
  • Enhanced Social engineering Threats
  • Data Theft – No Human Input Required
  • Practical Steps To Level The Playing Field

About the speaker 

Nick Ioannou

Nick Ioannou is the information security manager at Goodlord, a blogger, author and public speaker on cloud and security issues, with over 25+ years’ SME experience.

As an early adopter of cloud systems, he has been paying the subscription fees for the privilege of bug testing them ever since.

He started blogging in 2012 on free IT resources ( currently with over 500+ posts. Author of 'Internet Security Fundamentals', 'A Practical Guide to Cyber Security for Small Businesses' and 'A Practical Guide to GDPR for Small Businesses' as well as contributing author to three 'Managing Cybersecurity Risk' books and 'Conquer The Web' by Legend Business Books and in 2022, 'Grow and Evolve Your Business' by University of Buckingham Press.

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Webinar: Cyber Security in the wake of Generative AI
Date and time
Tuesday 3 October, 4:00pm - 5:00pm

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