An overview of Bitcoin from its genesis and rise in popularity, to the factors contributing to its sustained success.


Tony Fawl


6:00pm – 8:00pm: Presentations and discussions

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The presentation aims to provide an overview of Bitcoin from its genesis and rise in popularity, to the factors contributing to its sustained success. Beginning with an explanation of the technology behind it, we will then discuss pivotal moments in Bitcoin's history that have propelled it to prominence, including its resilience amidst economic uncertainties and its adoption by mainstream investors and institutions.

Moreover, the presentation underscores the rationale behind investors' growing interest in Bitcoin as a hedge against economic instability. It examines digital assets' growth trajectory and resilience amid media bias and market volatility. Lastly, the presentation looks to the future of Bitcoin, emphasizing the changes likely to be seen in the next 12 months, pinpointing five key catalysts poised to drive its momentum in price.

It is aimed at people with a limited understanding of finance and digital assets but a willingness to know how this new technology may affect them in the medium and long term.

About the speaker

Tony Fawl

Tony Fawl has had a diverse career journey across cutting-edge technology, with extensive experience in computing and information technology.

He commenced his career at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in the early 80s before transitioning to academia, where he rose to become Head of Computing at Fylde Coast ITeC in Lancashire.

In the 90's, during his tenure as the Innovation Executive for Enterprise PLC, Tony promoted the advent of the new Internet technology to businesses in the region, authoring notable academic papers that explored its development, which were showcased at international conferences in Europe.

In his current role as a partner at Crypto Aware, Tony leverages his experience to demystify blockchain technology and explore its applications in addressing complex financial and data management challenges. Additionally, he serves as a board member of the Manchester branch of BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT.

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Bitcoin: A status update and critical analysis of adoption
Date and time
Tuesday 23 April, 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Manchester Metropolitan University
John R. Dalton Building, Room E005
M15 6BH
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