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  • Webinar: Unlocking data for research that improves health, wellbeing and care

Health and Care Scotland event.


Professor Roger Halliday, Chief Executive, Research Data Scotland


5:00pm - Welcome from Dr Katie MacLure - Chair BCS Health and Care Scotland
5:05pm - Talk from Roger Halliday followed by Q&A
6:00pm - Close


Public policy challenges are complex and require many organisations to collaborate to solve them. To understand root causes and know whether we're taking the right actions, we need to know what is happening for a person, their household, a business or a place - not just getting a partial picture of what is happening by looking at data from a one public service at a time.

Connecting data from across public services isn't straightforward, but is happening. This talk will outline the opportunities this brings and how we're making it happen in Scotland whilst keeping people's data safe.

About the speaker

Roger Halliday

Roger Halliday is CEO at Research Data Scotland, providing leadership to improving public wellbeing through data driven innovation and insight. Roger was Scotland’s Chief Statistician from 2011 to 2022.

During that time he was also Scottish Government Chief Data Officer (2017-20), and jointly led Scottish Government Covid Analytical Team during the pandemic. Before that, he worked in the Department of Health in England as a policy analyst managing evidence for decision making across NHS issues. He became an honorary Professor at the University of Glasgow in 2019.

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Webinar: Unlocking data for research that improves health, wellbeing and care
Date and time
Tuesday 23 April, 5:00pm - 6:00pm