A panel discussion looking into the future of Fintech talent.

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Early career professionals often face difficulties in accessing meaningful opportunities and experiences in the Fintech industry.

On this webinar we will discuss various perspectives together with the panelists on how we could empower them so that it not only benefits individuals but also drives the growth and competitiveness of the industry as a whole.

About the speakers

Martin Horvath

Martin Horvath, Fintech Expert from Fintech & Insurtech Association of Slovakia and Fintech Valley Europe. A transformative Senior Executive with pivotal roles at Deutsche Telekom, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, and 365.bank. His career is marked by a passion for fintech, AI, and ground-breaking technology. At Deutsche Telekom, Martin led innovative telecom projects, setting industry standards. His work at Hyperloop showcased his expertise in advanced transportation technologies. At 365.bank, he was pivotal in driving digital transformation in the banking sector. Martin is a recipient of global innovation awards, a testament to his impact in business development and technology. His interests extend to urban city innovations, advocating for smart, sustainable urban solutions. With his diverse experience, Martin stands as a leader shaping the future of digital finance, telecommunications, and urban development. Expect to be inspired by his insights into the evolving digital landscape.

Arravind Prabu

Arravind Prabu, The President from ACCESS Blockchain Association Malaysia. Community builder and a devoted advocate for entrepreneurship. He is a recognised leader in the tech and crypto ecosystem, actively giving back through mentoring the future generation. Arravind is currently the CEO of Cryptobilis, Southeast Asia’s largest lifestyle crypto e-commerce platform with active distribution across 5 nations and 100+ partners. Arravind’s most recent endeavour is spearheading the growth of the blockchain industry in Malaysia as the President of ACCESS Blockchain Association Malaysia, working closely with local stakeholders and beyond.

Vanessa Loh Wan ChinVanessa Loh Wan Chin

Vanessa Loh Wan Chin, International Section Officer, BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT Early Careers Executive Section. She is also the Co-Founder & Vice President at Malaysian Youth Fintech Association.

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Webinar: Empowering Fintech talent at their early career stage
Date and time
Monday 26 February, 12:00pm - 1:00pm

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