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Mid-Wales branch event.


Peter Friese


6:20pm - Join the online event
6:30pm - Talk
7:30pm - Q&As
8:00pm - End


This talk shows how to use Google's cloud technologies to create an intelligent Exobrain app that uses a natural language interface to query articles you have read. This example uses Cloud Firestore, Gemini and LangChain to provide the processing magic, and this is linked to an iOS app using Siri to provide the natural language queries.

In our fast paced world, there is just too much information, and it often seems impossible to keep up with everything that’s going on. If you ever felt that you couldn’t possibly remember everything you saw, read, or even didn’t read, come to this talk and I will show you how I built an app that allows me to do just that.

I will show you how I - used SwiftUI to build a beautiful app that works across Apple’s platforms - used Cloud Firestore to store gigabytes of data, keeping it in sync across all of my devices - used Gemini, Google's most capable generative model to summarise articles, and ask my app questions about articles - used LangChain to connect Gemini to my personal data store - Use Siri to provide a natural language interface that allows me to query my knowledge base hands-free.

About the speaker

Peter Friese

As a senior developer advocate on the Firebase team at Google, Peter Friese is dedicated to helping developers build amazing experiences and high-quality apps using Firebase on iOS, Android, and the web. With a passion for empowering developers and fostering innovation, Peter works tirelessly with the Firebase team to make his vision of “cutting short the time to magic” a reality. Peter is also the author of the book Asynchronous Programming with SwiftUI and Combine: Functional Programming to Build UIs on Apple Platforms and host of the YouTube show Better Safe than Sorry, which explores best practices for building secure apps.

He has written code in BASIC, C, ObjectPascal, Java, Kotlin, Xtext, JavaScript, TypeScript, Objective-C, and a number of home-grown DSLs - but his all-time favourite is Swift. You can follow Peter on Twitter, Mastodon, Threads, and YouTube. 

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Webinar: How I used Siri, Gemini, LangChain, and Firebase to create an Exobrain
Date and time
Monday 12 February, 6:30pm - 8:00pm

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