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We have a mixture of in-person and online events. In person events are mostly based in Aberystwyth at the University. Meetings cover a range of topics that draw upon expertise from members of the branch and also inviting speakers with expertise from around the UK. We also have links with the local students chapter for the students are studying computer science at University. A series of Show and Tell events over the years, mostly involving students and we have also run the programming competition for a couple of years.

Everyone is welcome and we look forward to connecting with you at one of the future events. If you have any suggestions for future events please contact the committee at midwales.chair@bcs.org

Fred Long, Chair

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About us

The Mid-Wales branch was established in March 2010. It seeks to deliver events and services that are relevant to those working in IT and Computing in the Mid-Wales area. The branch originally started as a sub-branch of BCS South Wales and in 2011 it became a full branch. 

The Branch covers an area including South Gwynedd, Ceredigion, North Powys and West Pembrokeshire. This is a large geographic area and we are keen to use technology where possible to either stream events as a webcast or to record for future playback.