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  • Webinar: The SI Digital Framework: Underpinning FAIR measurement data

This talk will address the principles and building blocks of the SI Digital Framework and demonstrate their machine-actionability.


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Dr Jean-Laurent Hippolyte


5:15pm - Networking for all attendees online
6:00pm - Start of seminar
7:00pm - Questions
7:30pm - End of seminar


The International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) was established in 1875 to coordinate matters related to measurement science and measurement standards worldwide. It is the home of the International System of Units (SI), the recommended practical system of units of measurement, and of the international reference time scale (UTC).

Through a framework known as the “CIPM MRA”, the comparability of measurements and measurement standards between all the participating institutes is assured, along with the recognition of measurement results and calibration certificates between these national institutes.

As recommended by the General Conference of Weights and Measures in its Resolution 2 of 2022, the BIPM is developing an SI Digital Framework to provide machine-actionable reference points to support the international measurement system in the digital era.

This talk will introduce the general principles and the building blocks of the SI Digital Framework, link them to essential resources of the measurement community and demonstrate their machine-actionability.

About the speaker

Dr Jean-Laurent Hippolyte

Dr Jean-Laurent Hippolyte is a Senior Research Scientist for the Data Science department at the National Physical Laboratory, UK’s National Metrology Institute, where his research focusses on modelling and quality management for measurement data.

He has over 10 years’ experience as a researcher in object-oriented design, distributed computing and semantic technologies applied to interdisciplinary engineering and scientific challenges.

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Webinar: The SI Digital Framework: Underpinning FAIR measurement data
Date and time
Tuesday 20 February, 5:15pm - 7:30pm

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