Two experts from BT will discuss concepts and practical application of of 'Secure by design' and 'Designing Offensively' for enterprises.


  • Dean Taylor
  • Ismaeel Sulieman


6:00pm - Introductions
6:10pm - Speaker 1 (Dean Taylor - BT) - Secure by design
6:50pm - Speaker 2 (Ismaeel Sulieman - BT) - Designing offensively
7:30pm - Q&A
7:45pm - Close and networking
8:30pm - Leave


Secure by Design - Managing technology change has significant challenges for Security. Delivering robust outcomes requires embedding a consistent framework from the start of the design process through to go live.

This talk describes the framework BT has developed for Secure by Design that scales to a large enterprise and is tried and tested from the pain of experience. Designing Offensively - In order to build a solution that is secure, architects and designers must consider threats to their solution.

Designing offensively takes into consideration active threats against a solution and targets technical security controls to combat them. As the saying goes, "the best course of defence is offense".

About the speakers

Dean Taylor

Dean Taylor is the Senior Manager for the Security Consultancy practice. An engineer and problem solver at heart, Dean has 12 years experience in senior Cyber Security roles and a lot longer in Design, Architecture and Core Networks.

Ismaeel Sulieman

Ismaeel Sulieman comes from a data development and machine learning background working as a consultant for the past 7 years. He has particularly focused on secure by design principles and strategic planning. This focus has orientated primarily around cloud security, supply chain and corporate assurance processes.

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Hybrid event: Secure design
Date and time
Thursday 18 July, 6:00pm - 8:30pm
BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT
Ground Floor, 25 Copthall Avenue