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Michael Lloyd


6:00pm - Welcome
6:05pm - Start of presentation
7:00pm - Questions and answers
7:30pm - Event ends


Dysfunction Mapping is a tool aimed at helping agile practitioners to more quickly create concrete plans for meaningful change, by using an empirical approach to observe, connect and identify the biggest problems in their organisation and create an experiment that makes things better for the people around them.

Dysfunction Mapping leverages the collective intelligence of many Agile frameworks and tools, which gives you a structured, collaborative tool you can use to find, theme, and solve problems. Not only does this prevent the need for 'fire fighting', but it gives you measurable, demonstrable coaching outcomes you can iterate upon as you continue to support your organisation.

Participant takeaways:

  • The importance of empiricism by tying your plan to real observed behaviours in your teams.
  • How to differentiate symptoms from dysfunctions, so you can attack root causes that will have a large impact.
  • How to hypothesise an action that will help that purpose to be understood, allowing for an immediate step in the right direction.
  • How to more easily define a measure, so this hypothesis can be tested and learned from in a safe and repeatable way.

About the speaker

Michael LloydMichael Lloyd

Michael is the founder and head of global agility at Honest Agile, and the creator of dysfunction mapping.

He is dedicated to having an impact on agile practice globally, by providing meaningful tools that enable concrete outcomes, remaining framework agnostic and focusing on delivering value to customers.

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Webinar: Dysfunction Mapping: A tool for empirical agile change
Date and time
Tuesday 23 July, 6:00pm - 7:30pm