BCS ITLF joint event with Enterprise Architecture specialist group.


  • Ed Steinmueller
  • Gill Ringland


7:00pm - webinar begins
8:30pm - webinar ends


This session starts with definitions, trends and costs of service outages – lack of service resilience - to the UK economy before outlining the conclusions of the ITLF Service Resilience Working Group which reported last year. There are two main conclusions which we would like to discuss with the Enterprise Architecture SIG. These are the use of measures for the impact of failures on users and the potential for using learning from financial services.

We use a range of sources to raise questions related to Business resilience, Data resilience, Application resilience and Technology/platform resilience, and also ask what else we should be asking Enterprise Architects about service resilience.

About the speakers

Ed Steinmueller

Ed Steinmueller is a Professor of Information and Communications Technology Policy, and of the Economics of Innovation, at SPRU in the University of Sussex Business School.

He has published 4 books, 39 peer reviewed journal articles and 36 book chapters on the ICT industries as well as on science and technology policy and economic history. His work has been cited over 12,000 times and over 3,600 times since 2019.

Gill Ringland

Gill Ringland (with Ed Steinmueller) chaired the Service Resilience Working Group on the impact of digital systems failure on the economy and society, which is the background to this briefing for the Enterprise Architects SIG.. She is a Life Fellow of the BCS, and an Emeritus Fellow of SAMI Consulting, with clients across Asia, Americas and Europe.

She has over 150 publications. Her books on scenario planning and strategy are used at Business Schools including Harvard. Her first IT book was Software 2000 – a View of the Future, with Professors Brian Randell and Bill Wulf, published by the European Commission.

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This event is brought to you by: IT Leaders Forum and Enterprise Architecture specialist group

Webinar: Service resilience and software risk
Date and time
Tuesday 11 June, 7:00pm - 8:30pm