Please join our AGM and get involved with running the Open Source SG.


6:30pm - AGM starts
7:30pm - AGM ends


The SG is holding its Annual General Meeting (AGM), which is an excellent time to volunteer to support its activities within the community.

We seek people to infuse new blood into our SG to bring meaningful talks and events to life. We seek nominations and expressions of interest for these roles:

Chair (Mandatory)

  • Must be a professional member of BCS (MBCS/FBCS).
  • Responsible for supervising all matters concerning the effective leadership of the Member Group.
  • Chairs all general (AGMs and EGMs) and committee meetings.
  • Prepares the Chair's Report for each AGM.

Treasurer (Mandatory)

  • Must be a professional member of BCS (MBCS/FBCS).
  • Prepares annual budget and potential project funding each year.
  • Responsibility to the Member Group Committee for the Member Group funds and any other appropriate financial business.

Early Careers Advocate (Mandatory)

Role description

Inclusion Officer (Mandatory)

  • Promote equality, diversity, inclusivity and community outreach of the member group and BCS.
  • Arrange Unconscious Bias Training.
  • Liaise with other inclusion-related organisations within BCS.
  • Arrange reasonable adjustments to avoid disadvantaging any specific group.


  • Gives due notice of all general meetings (AGMs and EGMs) to all group members.
  • Gives due notice of committee vacancies to all group members.
  • Arrange suitable locations for in-person committee meetings.
  • Prepares and issues agenda for all general meetings and committee meetings.

Membership Secretary

  • Must be a professional member of BCS (MBCS/FBCS)
  • Welcomes new members and distributes information on forthcoming events and other introductory information.
  • Encourages individuals who have enquired about membership to join.
  • Coordinates the recruitment of IT professionals at Member Group events and through other methods, using member data provided on the group committee secure area.
  • Records attendance numbers at events and sends numbers through to the Community Team on
  • Must comply with BCS Member Group Data Policy


  • Creates and maintains the group website, liaising with BCS Community Team over the
  • various methods.
  • Either posts content to the website or provides access to committee members to post
  • their content.
  • The Webmaster may also facilitate using other online channels for publishing events – such as social media, discussion forums.

General Committee members

  • Helps run the group.
  • Deputises for other officers as required.
  • Help establish the season's programme.

If you want further information about the above roles, please contact

Our events are for adults aged 16 years and over.

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Webinar: AGM - Open Source SG
Date and time
Tuesday 12 March, 6:30pm - 7:30pm

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