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This event is to help women enter into and excel into the technology world.

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The power of mentors and community in tech, Parveen Khan

Join me as I share my journey into the tech world and testing.

I'll discuss important lessons I've learned and hope to help those already in tech and those aspiring to enter the field. I'll talk about the role of mentors and the tech community in my journey and how it led to new opportunities.

Discover the importance of establishing yourself in the tech industry. I'll share tips on speaking at events, writing blogs, and building your personal brand. These not only aid in career growth but also inspire others.

Key takeaways:

  • The influence of mentors and community in tech.
  • How attending conferences can advance your career and expand your network.

Rafaela Azevedo

In this talk, Rafaela embarks on a personal and inspiring journey, sharing her experiences navigating the tech industry and confronting gender bias. Through her career path, she illuminates the challenges faced by women in tech, while showcasing the resilience and determination required to break through barriers. Expect a blend of storytelling, insights, and practical takeaways, equipping the audience with tools and strategies to challenge the status quo and foster a more inclusive tech landscape.

Andy Shaw

Andy Shaw developed a career in the Tech Industry, focusing on a career in Software Testing following a redundancy in 2013. Since his involvement with BCS activities 10 years ago, he has helped encourage & inspire female STEAM progression, as well as researching mental health.

Andy will give advice on how women can help develop their careers in Tech & testing, as well as how we all can act as allies to them & help them develop. He will also provide mental health advice so they can also look after their wellbeing.

About the speakers

Parveen KhanParveen Khan

I'm Parveen Khan, Senior Quality Analyst Consultant at Thoughtworks London UK.

Being a quality advocate, I believe delivering high-quality products is everyone's responsibility. I love collaborating with teams and optimizing processes, tools and methodologies to enable the creation of high-quality products.

I am also an international speaker sharing my stories and experiences in testing to inspire other people around the globe in various conferences, webinars and meetups.

In my spare time, I play the role of wonder woman for my two lovely kids.

Rafaela AzevedoRafaela Azevedo CEO & Founder – The Chaincademy

UK Current CEO and Founder at The Chaincademy, with the mission to empower junior developers to build their credibility and find their first job in web3 and soon expanding to web2. SC Cleared Full Stack SDET with +16 years of Experience in QA, +14 years of Experience in Test Automation, and +9 years in Leadership, Delivering and Releasing Software on different platforms (Mobile, Desktop, Web).

Became a STEM Ambassador , a STEM Women Member , and a Google Developer Expert making an impact and bringing more young people to the STEM area. Contributes to TestProject and instructor of Test Automation University (Contract Tests with Pact and Introduction to Blockchain Testing).

Together with other Web3 and Blockchain Expert Testers created the Web3Tests Community on Discord and Twitter.

Andy ShawAndy Shaw

Andy Shaw focused on a career as a software tester just over 10 years ago, after initially wanting to be a developer. Andy has been delivering talks both online & in person on a variety of subjects, & is keen on diversity & inclusion within the Tech Industry.

He is the Editor of the online magazine "the Tester" (the official magazine of the BCS Specialist Interest Group in Software Testing specialist group), as well as the Diversity and Inclusion officer of the South Yorkshire BCS branch.

Outside of his career, Tech & the BCS, Andy practices martial arts, and is an assistant instructor in Karate, and is passionate about mental health awareness

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Webinar: IWD: Learn all about Community, mentoring & Intersectionality!
Date and time
Friday 8 March, 4:30pm - 6:30pm

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