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  • Webinar: From Senior Developer to Lead Software Engineer - A journey

This talk will share advice and encouragement to future technical leaders, who are transitioning roles.


Darius Elphick


7:50pm - Join call
8:00pm - Talk starts
9:00pm - Q&A
9:30pm - Call close


The transition from Senior Developer to Lead Software Engineer is a challenging but rewarding journey that can feel like a career change rather than a promotion.

In this talk, I'll share advice and encouragement for future technical leaders, and discuss three tools for technical leadership I have learned while leading the team responsible for rearchitecting customer communications at New Zealand's largest online auction and classifieds website.

About the speaker

Darius Elphick

Darius is a Lead Software Engineer who graduated from Aberystwyth University in 2012 with an MEng in Software Engineering. He worked in London for several years before emigrating with his partner to New Zealand in 2020.

He has over ten years of experience working in and leading agile teams developing large-scale commercial applications for organisations including the BBC and Sky. Most recently, he has been leading a team applying modern engineering practices to rearchitect how Trade Me engages with it's customers.

His professional interests include domain driven design, SRE, servant leadership, building healthy team culture, and ethical A.I. experimentation and adoption. Outside work he is passionate about Kendo, Japanese Fencing, and you're likely to find him either training at a nearby dojo or travelling with friends to attend tournaments and seminars.

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Webinar: From Senior Developer to Lead Software Engineer - A journey
Date and time
Thursday 30 May, 8:00pm - 9:30pm