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  • Webinar: How time flies: navigating temporal turbulence in enterprise data

Hear how the data infrastructure can automatically manage time and data across the business, leading to step change efficiencies.


Rob Squire, Technical Director and Data Architect


12:30pm - Welcome and introductions
12:35pm - Presentation and case studies
1:15pm - Q&A
1:30pm - Event close


Time waits for no one. Time plays havoc with the relational databases on which our enterprises depend. Effectively addressing the relationship between data and time is the singular biggest improvement for data architecture.

You will learn how recording time in data currently impacts the accuracy of data and requires significant additional storage. You will hear examples of how this affects every day enterprise data, including financial ledgers. You will learn about the impact on relational databases, how it creates additional data keys and how this impacts the referential integrity of the data base. Whilst there is a lot of focus on innovative data stores the relational database remains the most important data access and storage technology of today.

About the speaker

Rob Squire

Rob is a Consultant with 35 years development and solution and data architecture experience in a wide variety of industries. He specialises in data architecture and building bespoke solutions primarily using the Oracle middleware and database technology stack. Rob has very strong analytical and problem-solving capabilities with a long track record of delivering solutions on time and to budget. Rob has 24 years of experience in understanding the relationship between time and data and recognises that the next step change in enterprise solutions will be the adoption of Autonomous Ledger Database technology.

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Webinar: How time flies: navigating temporal turbulence in enterprise data
Date and time
Friday 3 May, 12:30pm - 1:30pm