About BCS Insights

It’s about your role in the industry and how you can make a difference. We all have a voice and at BCS Insights we rely not only on our brilliant guest speakers but on everyone in the audience to take part via interactive polls, debate and Q&A. Sometimes challenging, always inspiring, at BCS Insights the ideas bounce around the room fuelled by diversity of opinion.

Expect energy and emotion! Expect to discover new things about the technology industry and to leave at the end of the day (yes, we’re confident you’ll stay till the end) clutching your exclusive copy of the latest BCS Insights report and thinking a little differently about the future.

Insights 2020

Prepare your future self

Given the global impact and uncertainty regarding COVID-19 (novel coronavirus), we have needed to cancel our Insights 2020 conference planned for 4 June 2020, in London.

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Insights 2019

Here’s the agenda, speaker list and research from our last conference.