Brand new for 2021! Discover the technology trends that promise to disrupt your sector - and the IT skills, professionalism and efficiency you need to break away from the competition.

BCS IT Leaders welcomes today’s leading technology executives and entrepreneurs as well as aspiring IT leaders looking for inspiration and insight from a line-up of eminent IT professionals, each at the top of their game.

The next unknown is just around the corner, so how does today’s IT leader prepare themselves and their business?

What should we learn from those inspiring business chiefs who lead continuous transformation within their organisation? And in the challenging post-Brexit / COVID-recovery period, how do we build foresight and resilience into our own teams and business strategies?

Prepare your future self at BCS IT Leaders 2021

From business continuity and security hygiene, to virtual leadership across dispersed communities, the adaptive CIO identifies and translates the IT capability needed in 2021 and beyond.

Join us online on Thursday 4 February to understand the skills, techniques and strategies you can develop to become an adaptive IT leader ready to conquer the next unknown.

At our inaugural BCS IT Leaders conference, we’ll be future-gazing to the challenges and trends coming down the line, and dissecting your routes to leadership and the pathways and opportunities for CIOs in the future digital world.

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Why come to BCS IT Leaders 2021?

Working in partnership with the BCS IT Leaders Forum, meet the adaptive and influential business leaders of our time and together explore our industry’s transformation, future challenges, and the skills and capabilities essential to creating a diverse, trusted profession and a world in which technology improves everyone’s lives.

For IT leaders

Get a clearer view of the challenges your team could be facing in the months and years ahead - and gain practical tips on how to build resilience so your business is ready to deal with the next unknown

Gain leadership insight on the areas of focus for your business and the skills you need to develop in your team to keep your organisation ahead of the curve

Learn how to develop your own skills and acumen to transition from CIO to CEO and understand the pathways for leaders beyond IT in the digital world

Engage with influential industry figures via interactive polls, debate and Q&A, as they share their personal experiences and perspectives

For aspiring IT leaders

Interpret the leadership skills our industry will be demanding in the years to come and find out how you stay relevant in the changing workplace

Learn how to develop the skills and know-how to transition from aspiring to inspiring IT leader

Understand the pathways to senior IT leadership roles and beyond

Network and connect with aspirational and innovative leaders in our virtual conference environment

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As a registered attendee you’ll receive an exclusive copy of our 2021 IT Leaders Report.

Our annual report looks at the findings from our IT Leaders survey giving you insights into the developments and trends that are likely to shape the year ahead for leaders in your industry.

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