What does ‘good’ really mean in tech? These talks aim to define what we mean by good - what we should expect from IT and its providers, and practical ways to pursue those goals as individuals, in the industry and for the benefit of society.

AM session

10.00: WELCOME

Brian Runciman MBCS, BCS Head of Content and Insight

10.05: TALK: How to be a technologist in a climate emergency

Chris Adams, organiser of ClimateAction.tech, Director of the Green Web Foundation.

10.25: PANEL DEBATE: Balancing opposing forces

How do we balance the opposing forces of tech’s benefit and the drawbacks it fosters? The panel considers practical technology strategies to pursue to help with the climate emergency, including reconsidering upgrade cycles; hardware use and reuse, recyclability and getting away from the novelty mindset.


  • Chris Adams
  • Amanda Brock, CEO OpenUK
  • John Booth, MD/Principal Consultant, Carbon3IT


  • Brian Runciman

10.55: TALK: Four internets

Dame Wendy Hall, UK AI Skills Champion, looks at the fragmentation of the internet and its implications.

11.10: BREAK

11.25: FIRESIDE CHAT: Is the CTO responsible?

Rashik Parmar, European CTO IBM, discusses the anxieties CTOs face following research amongst over 100 of his peers. Are they doing enough to reduce carbon emissions? What about sustainable computing? What are their ethical worries?

11.45: TALK: Professionalism is not a four-letter word

Adam Thilthorpe, BCS Director of Professionalism

Competent, accountable and ethical IT professionals want to say ‘yes’. How can they be supported to speak up when ethically difficult situations arise - and to help others understand alternatives?

12.05: PANEL DEBATE: Innovation for good

Innovation and entrepreneurship are an engine - what does good innovation look like? Getting away from the ‘move fast and break things’ mentality.


  • Dr Chen Mao Davies, CEO, Latchaid
  • Liz Ashall-Payne, Co-founder and CEO, ORCHA


  • Brian Runciman

12.30: BREAK

PM session

1.15: TALK: The internet of things, security and scaling

Vint Cerf, Google Chief Web Evangelist and co-inventor of the internet protocol

1.35: TALK: The Digital Divide arms race

Tony Roberts, Research Fellow, Institute of Development Studies, founder of Computer Aid.

How do we create conditions to allow people to express themselves online when repressive governments play whackamole with people's rights?

1.55: PANEL DEBATE: Education - Rip it up and start again?

Is it time to reimagine how we educate children about and with computers - and what principles can we take into how we communicate thorny tech the issues to broader society?


  • Dr Saima Rana, CEO, GEMS World Academy
  • Cat Scutt, Director of Education and Research, Chartered College of Teaching
  • Jim Knight, The Rt Hon Lord Knight of Weymouth
  • Gary Spracklen, Headteacher, The Prince of Wales School, Dorchester


  • Niel McLean, BCS Head of Education

2.25: BREAK

2.40: PANEL DEBATE: A roadmap for good

Who needs to be involved in a workable roadmap for responsible and beneficial tech? How do we get them involved? What is the order of priority for tackling problems?


  • John Higgins, BCS President
  • Jackie Weaver, Chief Officer, ChALC


  • Holly Porter, Director of Membership


Paul Fletcher, BCS CEO

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