Junior Software Tester

As a Junior Software Tester, you’ll review requirements and specifications to define test conditions, design and build test cases and interpret and execute moderately complex test scripts.

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Software Tester

As a Software Tester, you’ll create test cases using in-depth technical analysis of both functional and non-functional specifications. You’ll specify requirements for environment, data, resources and tools and design and produce re-usable test scripts.

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Senior Software Tester

As a Senior Software Tester, you’ll coordinate and manage planning of testing. You’ll define and communicate the test strategy for projects and contribute to your organisation’s testing standards and best practices.

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Lead Software Tester

As a Lead Software Tester, you’ll take responsibility for the management of all testing activity within complex development or integration projects and programmes. You’ll give direction and leadership to other testers and define strategies to ensure effective and efficient testing.

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