Cloud architect 
If you’re passionate about tech, you’re going to love being a cloud architect. You’ll be responsible for designing and building your organisation’s cloud systems, where data lives and software runs. You get to decide how the technology operates and how the data is stored. You just need to make sure that everything works smoothly, securely and on budget — and that it can all be scaled up when needed!
Career outlook...

Cloud solutions
Lead cloud architect
Cloud strategy
Where do I start?

Our IT architecture learning pathway begins with the BCS Foundation Certificate in Architecture Concepts and Domains

Our thriving Enterprise Architecture specialist group welcomes budding tech architects who are looking to grow their network and their skills

Our Solution Architecture Foundation publication is a valuable read for practitioners entering the field — and BCS members get 25% off!

Top 3 skills
  • Attention to detail: reliable cloud computing performance involves a meticulous setup and lots of fine-tuning
  • Team work: cloud architects rarely work alone — you need to be able to collaborate with tech teams across the business
  • Budgeting: managing your costs and resources wisely leads to getting more bang for your buck