Experience / qualifications

To become a BCS Professional member (MBCS), you'll need to be working or teaching in computing and tech or have relevant qualifications.

Work experience

By working or teaching in computing and tech, we mean being professionally engaged in any aspect of building, maintaining, managing or operating IT - or the teaching / training of these activities.

To validate your application you can upload an up to date CV and/or LinkedIn URL.

Relevant qualifications

United Kingdom Higher Education Qualifications

BCS Accredited and other degrees in IT relevant subjects
Honours Degree e.g. BSc Hons, MEng Hons
Ordinary Degree e.g. BSc, BA
Masters e.g. MSc
Diplomas of higher education, foundation degrees e.g. HNC/HND
Higher Education Qualification not gained in the United Kingdom
Each case will be considered individually. Guidance on equivalence of the award will be sought through the National Recognition Information Centre for the United Kingdom (UKNARIC).

BCS Higher Education Qualifications

  • Professional Graduate Diploma in IT
  • Diploma in IT
  • Certificate in IT

BCS Professional Certifications

  • Foundation certificates
  • Practitioner / Intermediate certificates
  • Higher Level certificates