Experience / qualifications

To become a BCS Professional member (MBCS), you'll need at least five year's IT work experience or relevant qualifications, or a combination of qualifications and experience.

Work experience

By 'IT work experience' we mean being professionally engaged in any aspect of building, maintaining, managing or operating IT - or the teaching / training of these activities - on a full-time basis.

You'll need to detail your work experience specifying job role(s), time period in the role(s), and relevant tasks and responsibilities including:

  • how you build, maintain and configure technology
  • IT-specific tools you use and how they’re incorporated in your role
  • IT programmes you use e.g. JavaScript, Oracle etc

You'll have the option to provide this information by uploading your CV.

Relevant qualifications

Holding a higher education qualification can reduce the amount of IT work experience you’ll need to have to be eligible for Professional membership.

  • BCS Higher Education Qualifications (HEQ)
    If you hold a BCS Professional Graduate Diploma in IT, you can apply without the need to demonstrate work experience. With a BCS Diploma in IT, you’ll need a minimum of two years’ experience as well.
  • Qualifications from a UK higher education institution
    If you hold a BSc Hons or MEng Hons degree that’s been accredited by BCS, you won’t need to demonstrate any work experience when you apply. With an accredited MSc, Ordinary degree, foundation degree, or HNC / HND, you’ll also need a minimum of two years’ experience. Our online application process allows you to check your qualifications and will guide you to the most appropriate membership grade.

Holding a non-accredited qualification from a UK higher education institution may also reduce the amount of work experience you need to have to apply for Professional membership.

This chart shows the number of years’ IT work experience that the following qualifications are equivalent to.

Non-accredited qualification in a computing-related subject Equivalent to
(years’ experience)
Honours degree e.g. BSc Hons, MEng Hons 3
Ordinary degree e.g. BSc, BA 2
Masters e.g. MSc 2
Diploma of Higher Education, foundation degree e.g. HNC / HND 2
Certificate of Higher Education 1
Non-accredited qualification in other subjects Equivalent to
(years’ experience)
Doctorate - PhD 2
Honours degree e.g. BSc Hons, MEng Hons 2
Ordinary degree e.g. BSc, BA 1
Masters e.g. MSc 1
Diploma of Higher Education, foundation degree e.g. HNC / HND 1


We'll need the details of a supporter who can comment on your competence and experience to verify your application.

They should be working at the same level as you or above, and able to offer a reliable opinion of your work performance.

Supporters are typically employers, colleagues or clients (sorry, no relatives). Please speak to your supporter in advance to confirm they're happy to verify your application and for BCS to hold their details for the purposes of BCS membership assessment and quality control.