The tech landscape is morphing every day but when your digital journey is rooted in professionalism, you’ll be primed for every challenge and ready to bring on the digital evolution of your business.

What does it mean to be professional?
Being a professional is about more than qualifications and performance. In a disruptive tech industry, it means you recognise the impact of your work and are committed to building a safer digital future for society.

At BCS The Chartered Institute for IT, we describe tech professionals as being competent, accountable, ethical and inclusive — and we provide our members with the tools and support they need to develop in all these areas.

Being professional: competence

The home of CPD for the tech sector, BCS provides engaging and accessible development opportunities for evolving your skills and competence in line with the evolving tech.

CPD courses and live learning events

Members can explore the full BCS Discover library of CPD courses and content, curated by tech discipline, and take part in our live learning events which bring the community together to focus on specific skillsets.

‘The Gem of all Mechanisms’ podcast

When CPD activity is relevant and engaging, it gets done! Listen to the latest industry insights on the go, free for individuals and teams (register with BCS then click Browse all CPD content):

BCS mentoring network

The knowledge-rich BCS community offers trusted insight and experience you won’t find anywhere else! Our independent mentoring scheme matches you with mentors and mentees based on your specific development needs.

Competency framework

Our RoleModelplus platform allows you to quickly and accurately audit your whole team’s capability against industry-recognised frameworks, pinpoint skills gaps, and identify latent and transferable skills to take your digital strategy to the next level.

Lee Virgo CITP MBCS quote - "Working with BCS has been a positive experience which helps us reflect on our own learning and skills to support continuous improvement

Being professional: accountability

BCS is a hive for developing your influence and accountability, providing individuals and teams with a supportive environment for sharing ideas, speaking up and stepping up.

Code of conduct

Every BCS member pledges to follow the BCS Code of Conduct. In doing so, they acknowledge and accept their professional responsibilities and due regard for the interests of their customers, their organisation and the public at large.

Professional registration

With BCS membership, technologists can achieve a range of industry registrations — including RITTech and chartered status — which independently validates their professional integrity and level of responsibility.

BCS Approved Organisations

As a BCS corporate partner, your exceptional tech team can showcase their professionalism and performance by achieving Silver, Gold or Platinum BCS Approved Organisation status, a clear sign that they're among the best in the industry.

BCS Fellowship

Are you an influential voice making an impact in today’s digital industry? Underline your accountability as a technology leader with BCS Fellowship and the letters FBCS after your name, in recognition of your contribution to the sector.

Being professional: ethics

Delivering robust, safe and fair tech is as much about your ethical thinking and practice as it is your technical wizardry, as recent events have acutely highlighted.

ICT Ethics group

Our ICT Ethics specialist group brings like minds together to focus on the ethical implications of technology development to increase public confidence in IT and maintain the reputation of our profession.

AI and ethics report

BCS research provides real insights from the industry to shape future policy and regulation. Our 2024 AI and ethics report offers key recommendations for embedding professional standards across all AI deployment.

Join one of our policy jams

Develop your ethical reasoning by coming to our monthly policy jams. Connect with other members, hear from experts, and exchange views on the hot topics of the day. From AI and mission zero, to hacktivism and fake news, nothing’s off limits at our jams!

Setting ethical standards

BCS Fellowship brings the digital leadership community together, to channel their extensive experience and insight into setting standards of ethical practice, strengthening trust in tech and steering the professional agenda.

Mark Kenny CITP quote - "We should strive for these ethical and professional standards at all levels... we are both responsible and accountable for the provision of high quality and safe care"

Being professional: inclusion

Championing inclusion in the sector is vital to ensuring tech’s impact is positive for all of society, requiring an active and ongoing commitment from every individual and organisation.

Diversity report

Every year BCS examines the state of play in the industry, with a focus on particular themes. The theme of our 2023 diversity report was disability and neurodiversity — and it uncovered some unsettling statistics.

BCS community

BCS community groups, including BCSWomen, EMBRACE, Pride and Neurodiversity, lead the way in promoting diversity and inclusion, celebrating our differences, and ensuring everyone has a voice.

Industry framework

BCS professional development and registration aligns with the industry-recognised SFIAplus framework enabling BCS partners to build transparency, accountability and inclusion into the foundations of their digital strategy.

Global network

With over 70,000 members in 150 countries, the BCS network connects organisations and individuals across the globe, all working together to close the digital divide and solve the big challenges facing all of humanity.

Vince King FBCS quote - "For a long time our lives have been invaded by technology... we need individuals who have the ethics and knowledge and the capability to help us navigate how we use it"


Trusted tech starts with trusted professionals! BCS helps individuals and teams build that trust by developing and showcasing competence, ethical thinking, accountability and inclusion.


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