What are the benefits of the skills framework?

The SFIAplus framework is effectively a map of the skills, roles and responsibilities that make up today’s vast and evolving technology landscape. Crucially it allows you to benchmark your IT capabilities against the defined SFIA levels 1 to 7 and identify your best routes for progression.

For every skill in the matrix (and there are over 120 of them) SFIAplus describes the typical work activities and behaviours associated with that skill, together with recommended qualifications and training resources for upskilling, developing in your role and reaching the next level.

Where does it fit into my membership?

As a BCS member you enjoy free unlimited access to the framework via Browse SFIAplus. Our Browse tool lets you dive headfirst into the full framework and extract the content relevant to your career path. Discover which SFIA level you’re currently operating at, and from there navigate your rise to the top!

BCS membership grades are aligned with the framework, as are every professional registration, certification and apprenticeship we offer, so you can quickly pinpoint your position in the matrix and your optimum direction of travel.

How will it help my IT career?

Wherever your starting point, SFIAplus gives you absolute clarity around your role and potential in the industry. You can examine the competencies you need to do a great job in your current position and explore the development needed to move on. The framework also signposts your opportunities for transition into other tech areas.

SFIA’s common skills language helps establish open and honest discussion with your employer and HR team about your performance and potential in the business, demystifying the career planning process so you can set practical and realistic objectives that accelerate you towards your goals. That’s why it’s used in businesses large and small across the industry.

120+ cutting-edge skills

Explore 121 skills, in six categories including Strategy and architecture; Change and transformation; Delivery and operation; and People and skills.

7 competency levels

SFIAplus describes the following levels of responsibility: 1 Follow; 2 Assist; 3 Apply; 4 Enable; 5 Ensure; 6 Initiate; 7 Set strategy, inspire.

Common language

Use SFIA’s industrywide skills language when it comes to discussing performance and job opportunities with your line manager and HR department.

Train smarter

Whichever tech skill you’re looking to develop, SFIAplus points you to a host of relevant training, qualifications, publications and related registrations.

Sell yourself with SFIA

Visualise your true potential in the IT job market then apply your SFIA insight and skills language to improving your resumé and impressing at interview.

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