What is a BCS Hub?

BCS Hubs support localised programmes of activity that promote closer collaboration between BCS partners from industry and education.

By convening people across the tech landscape, pooling knowledge and expertise, our BCS Hubs can have a significant impact on the digital transformation and social and economic development of their region.

Hub activities focus on key objectives like:

  • understanding the digital labour market
  • helping more people access careers in tech
  • identifying opportunities for upskilling and job transitioning
  • closing the digital divide and promoting diversity in the workplace
  • supporting recruitment and retention in the area

From tackling the skills deficit and establishing career routes, to opening up new business opportunities, our hubs have a broad scope for expanding a region’s digital potential.

Who makes up a BCS Hub?

Led by an appointed BCS Fellow, and supported by a BCS regional development manager, our hubs bring together key BCS partners in the area including:

  • employers who have BCS organisational membership
  • representatives from BCS-accredited universities
  • chairs and committee members from the local BCS branches
  • policymakers and programme sponsors


A regional board oversees all hub activity, steering progress in line with objectives and using its expertise and understanding of the area to agree future projects, identify funding opportunities and support delivery.


Delivering programmes of work collaboratively across a region can create a step change in the skills landscape, providing real opportunities to improve livelihoods and prospects for the community.


BCS Hubs provide a bridge between the worlds of industry and academia, ensuring a practical, evidence-based approach to IT research and a greater understanding of the challenges facing the region.


Localised activities help us to reach a broader spectrum of people and connect with organisations committed to developing the IT profession who may not have engaged with BCS before.

How can I get involved?

Getting involved with your local BCS Hub means having a say on the digital development of your region. You’ll have a seat at the table with local organisations, educators, government, policy makers and practitioners and a role in pushing forward the digital agenda.

It’s an exciting opportunity to hear from diverse voices and to make a real difference right at the heart of your community. The more stakeholders that engage with the BCS Hub programme, the greater that impact will be.

If you’d like to find out more about BCS Hub initiatives near you, drop us a line at bcshubs@bcs.uk.

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