The Community team provide support to BCS Member Groups, which include branches, specialist groups and international sections. We also provide secretariat support to the Community Board and its Committees, and the BCS Health & Care Executive.

Jon Jeffery Jon Jeffery, Head of Community

Jon has responsibility for the Community Team, who provide support to our 100+ groups and sections. Jon is also a member of Community Board, and its committees.

Watch: How we work with BCS volunteers

Meet the Community Coordinators

As a volunteer, you’re well supported by us, your Community Coordinators. We’re here to support the member group committee members with their important work. Each member group has its own dedicated BCS Community Coordinator.

Joining the community - Support you can get from the Swindon team

The role of the Coordinator is to:

  • Support you in organising and promoting events
  • Act as the point of contact between your committee and the rest of BCS Swindon
  • Provide you with clarity on procedures and processes
Kerry Wear Kerry Wear

Kerry looks after branches, specialist groups, and international sections. She is also Secretariat to the Community Board and some of the Board’s Executive Committees.

Mandy Bauer Mandy Bauer

Mandy looks after branches and specialist groups. Mandy also supports on our large-scale Community events.

Marie Setterfield Marie Setterfield

Marie looks after branches and specialist groups. She is also Secretariat to the Community Board Finance Committee.