Margaret Ross reporting on IWD in Southampton and joint BCSWomen events:

The colour of our leaflet was green, white and violet, for Give Women Voices, based on the original of Give Women Votes, for our International Women's Day 2017 at Southampton. We also had joint BCSWomen events on the evenings of 8 and 13 March, the latter attracted Radio Solent who attended, but much, much lower numbers than on the Saturday 11 March at West Quay.

I have just been told that West Quay shopping mall in Southampton estimated over 500 at any time and over 2,500 overall, and it was the largest community event ever at West Quay.

Please do look at the blog of Dr Katrina Morgan and the photos taken by students from Southampton Solent University to get a feel of our event on Saturday 11 March – I think these are great and would like to share them with you!

I was told that there were clips on the local TV and various local radio stations – but apart from various interviews being recorded and filmed during the day, I was too tired to even switch on the radio or TV that night.

I think this is a wonderful record of an inspiring International Women's Day 2017 at Southampton – now to make IWD 2018 even better!