Dr Chandra Eric Fernando (Fernie) passed away unexpectedly at home on 27th April 2021, aged 80.

Born in Ceylon, he moved to the UK to take a 1-3-1 engineering course consisting of a one-year apprenticeship at English Electric, followed by a three-year degree in electrical engineering at Queen Mary College, London and a one-year final placement back at English Electric. Fernie decided to take a PhD in nuclear engineering following his first degree and joined the Central Electricity Generating Board initially at Berkeley Power Station research labs before relocating to the Marchwood site in Hampshire. When the Marchwood Labs closed, he returned to Berkeley.

He had a strong interest in computing and robotics, which continued post-retirement. He was working on a solution for the remote recovery of PC’s infected with malware at the time of his death. He enjoyed gliding and was an active member of Amberley Church near Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK.