We offer an expert tech mentoring programme to support entrepreneurs on their journey, and a forum for them to network with experts from established and emerging technology enterprises, accelerators and other start-up bodies, academic institutions and fellow entrepreneurs.

We also offer a CTO-in-residence programme for incubators and accelerators. The CTO-in-residence can bring wide experience of the types of issues the CTOs might face, as well as access to the subject-matter specialists within BCS. Thus the startups benefit from having external, independent, objective thinking from someone at arm’s length to the business.

We are committed to engaging with entrepreneurial start-ups and communities to enable successful entrepreneurship and innovation for the benefit of society and business.

Our group’s mentoring and learning resources already serve an influential community of over 65,000 BCS members, as well as non-members, whose views and experiences are shaping digital innovation and helping to ensure that the IT profession plays a major role in economic growth in the UK and around the world.

Would you or your company like get involved as a mentor, mentee, CTO-in-residence, volunteer, commercial partner or member?