Inspirational networking events

These events drive awareness of BCS Entrepreneurs mentorship programme. Attendees are qualified and filtered, and successful applicants are invited to take part in the technology start-up schools.

Inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs

At these events attendees hear about the benefits of mentorship, meet leading mentors and have the opportunity to become part of the programme. These events lead to a large mentor resource pool that will form the foundation of our other events.


These events are designed to introduce the programme to potential mentees, focusing on the benefits of mentorship and an introduction to leading mentors. It will cover:

  • What mentorship is
  • Mentor support available
  • Benefits of mentorship
  • An insight into start-up communities

Speed mentoring

At these events potential mentees get their first taste of presenting an idea to, sharing a challenge with or asking for help from, a potential mentor. They will be able to talk to a number of mentors, so they can establish who, in their opinion, is the best for them. Benefits include:

  • Creates an understanding of the problems experienced by start-ups
  • Creates awareness of mentor support available
  • Encourages potential mentees to take up the offer of a mentor

Technology start-up schools

These events are intended to instil knowledge of the key elements that need to be covered when starting a new technology business, however given the breadth and depth of what is covered, a majority of the course would be relevant to any business. Attendees of these events become participants in the mentorship programme. The courses lasts eight weeks and comprises of evening sessions with four afternoon clinics. The intended audience is for those going from Idea to Plan.


  • Ambition and strategy
    • Clinic: Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Sales and procurement
    • Clinic: Marketing driven sales
  • Raising Finance
    • Clinic: Managing your finances
  • Technology Optimisation
    • Clinic: Technology build
  • Building the team
  • Making your pitch
  • Making it happen

Tech start-up Saturdays

Advanced in-depth sessions once a month over four months

Tech start-up Saturday is set in a formalised learning environment in which entrepreneurs can acquire the skills necessary to start a successful technology business. Entrepreneurs will be taught by a range of expert mentors, who will give monthly lectures on crucial subjects such as marketing, securing finance and building a team.

TSSats will run over the course of 8 months, and lectures will be held on the same day each month (ideally Saturday). Holding classes in the Saturdays will enable those who have full-time jobs and daytime commitments to attend. Elements of the Schools will be themed around relevant industries, for example healthcare, retail or media. The intended audience is for those going from plan to proof of concept.


  • Who is your customer?
  • What can you do for your customer?
  • How does you customer acquire your product?
  • How do you make money off your product?
  • How do you design and build your product?
  • How do you scale your business?
  • How do you fund your business?
  • Pitch to Win event (link to 4. Pitch-to-Win)


This event is open to those who have completed a Technology School, and presents a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to pitch their idea to a panel of mentors. The panel will provide constructive criticism and feedback that will enable entrepreneurs to present a confident, polished pitch to future potential funders.

Those who register are asked for a brief summary of their pitch, which will be sent to the panel of mentors in advance. Mentors will also be sent a summary of the “pitch” session of the Technology School, so that they can evaluate what entrepreneurs have learned.